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Great creative collaborations

Aligning teams across different industries and disciplines to solve business problems is challenging and time consuming. Mixed responsibilities, differing opinions, multiple stakeholders, and looming deadlines can stifle progress and make the process of delivering great results seem impossible.

Glue provides a unique structured approach so your projects flow easily. We call it Creative Collaboration.

Real results, real fast!

Our method combines elements of design thinking and human centred design with experiential learning principles.

The approach follows the principles of creative collaboration. Getting the best out of teams and ensuring great project results, that don’t blow out of budget or timings. It enhances creative problem solving while working at the fast pace large organisations need and demand.

The process provides the handrails to guarantee progress and results that meet all objectives.

Team members are encouraged to share their expertise to build a shared understanding and result.

Existing ideas and information are shared and combined to create innovative solutions.

Human centred
The outside-in perspective is central in the project, to inspire and validate ideas.

Our approach keeps everyone connected. With each other, the user and with the goal.

That's why we are GLUE.

The Collaboration Run

We have applied the principles of Creative Collaboration to create our first product: The Collaboration Run.

The Collaboration Run is a structured, human centred approach to project design and project management. It compresses working on complex business problems, like creating a new marketing campaign or an innovation challenge that usually takes energy consuming months to come up with a solution into 7 weeks. We offer value for a fixed price. With better results. Guaranteed.

Prepare week 0

> Gather & Prepare >

Collect all relevant input for the Run, plan all sessions, prepare the team and define all internal and external stakeholders.

Brief week 1

> Set the stage >

Team kick-off session to define the scope of the assignment. Start mapping all input and check for gaps.

Frame week 2

> Create focus >

Two intensive sessions with Run team and most important stakeholders to create the strategic framework, define opportunity areas and to find mutual understanding.

Concept week 3/4

> Scenario & big idea >

Develop umbrella idea by small team, review session with the Run team and interview session with users to explore and validate ideas.

Create week 5/6

> Narrative & Prototype >

Develop and enrich full narrative and prototype, review session with Run team and interview session to validate ideas with users.

Execute week 7

> Execute >

The output of these 7 weeks is a validated project prototype ready for execution. Supported by a detailed project planning, roadmap for execution, clear project KPI’s and stakeholder buy in.

About Glue

In 2021, Jochem Reinders Folmer and Katja Bauer founded Glue out of belief that complex problems are best solved collaboratively. Combining years of experience in the field of advertising, marketing and innovation on both sides of the fence has shown them the need for a new domain: Creative Collaboration. They bring people together to deliver great results, by applying Design Thinking to creative projects.

Katja Bauer: “In guiding marketing projects, I often felt that the many revision rounds and stakeholder alignment meetings lead to creative compromises that missed the sharpness the team had been aiming for. We invented a process that provides space for creativity to flourish. And at the same time hands the tools for effective team collaboration.”

Jochem Reinders Folmer: “Working for years as an innovation and marketing consultant has shown that the way we work together was needing a rethink. Starting with separating process and content. Focus on the tools to allow personal skills to excel. This way of thinking lead to our first product: the Collaboration Run.”


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Let’s collaborate!

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