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Let’s collaborate!

Great collaborations

When the objective of your team is to achieve exceptional marketing strategies and campaigns, the path to success can be challenging. Collaboration brings together a wealth of valuable expertise, but it also introduces complexity, with diverse stakeholders and differing opinions often posing obstacles to optimal results.

Glue specializes in harmonizing diverse marketing and communication expertise within your organization and with external partners and clients. Our strategic solutions empower your team to consistently deliver exceptional outcomes.

Results that stick!

Our seasoned strategic project leaders play a pivotal role in shaping your project’s trajectory. They offer guidance, strategic direction, and craft and facilitate project roadmaps that lead to better marketing results.

Improved progress in projects

More first-time-right plans & concepts

Happier team members and stakeholders

Optimized use of all available expertise

Our approach keeps everyone connected. With each other, the user and with the goal.

That's why we are GLUE.

Glue and you

Empower your marketing and communications teams to achieve superior creative outcomes through clear strategies and seamless collaboration with both external agencies and in-house teams. Explore our Creative Value Program, a comprehensive initiative comprising team workshops, digital follow-up sessions, and hands-on coaching. Elevate your creative outcomes with Glue and witness the transformative power of our effective process.

About Glue

Glue was founded in 2019, based on the belief that better strategic conversations and use of expertise in projects leads to better creative outcomes. Years of experience in advertising and marketing on both sides of the ‘fence’ has shown Founder Katja Bauer the need for changing the way teams approach strategic and creative marketing projects.

Glue works with a network of highly skilled facilitators, brand and content strategists, researchers and project leaders, to ensure the best fit for every project.

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Let’s collaborate!

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