Katja Bauer

Let’s collaborate!

Great collaborations

Aligning different expertises and teams in projects and meetings can be challenging and time consuming. Mixed responsibilities, differing opinions, multiple stakeholders and looming deadlines can stifle progress and make the process of delivering great results impossible.

Glue designs and facilitates tailor made approaches so your projects and meetings flow easily.

Results that stick!

Our project designers and facilitators have a solid background in project management and run engaging team sessions that get the best out of your team to ensure great progress and project results.

They enhance creative problem solving while working at the fast pace large organisations need and demand.

Higher percentage of first-time-right proposals.

Easier stakeholder management.

More integrated and sharp creative results.

Better collaboration between different expertises.

Our approach keeps everyone connected. With each other, the user and with the goal.

That's why we are GLUE.

Glue and you

A touch of Glue can be added to any challenge, project or meeting.

We know our way around in project management, strategy and marketing and have some approaches on the shelf that have proven their value for large and small organizations. They can be applied or adjusted to the most common projects and sessions and give you an idea of what Glue can do for you.

Collaboration Run

Our proven approach for collaboration with multidisciplinary teams during creative development on marketing, advertising and design projects. From briefing phase to approved and production-ready concepts in 8 weeks or less, reviewed and approved by your audience.

Strategic Planning Session

A sharp and short program to build a strategic plan that provides longterm direction and buy-in for your team or project and guides your team’s short term objectives into effective results.

Project Kick-Starter

The perfect basis to get any project going from the start by formulating sharp objectives, defining roles within the team and developing a clear roadmap for further development and roll-out.

Team Offsite

A fun and focussed one-day program to evaluate performance, enhance collaboration and develop a shared vision on and actionable plans for the near future.

Step-up-our-Game Program

The fast way to optimize your agency or project team’s way-of-working, by reviewing and improving your project journey from start to finish in just a few interactive sessions. With team coaching and tips & tricks included to get and keep you going.

Tailor-made Approach

Glue designs and facilitates any project or gathering. From an engaging one-time New Business meeting, to a regular project flow, as long as it involves teamwork and you’re aiming for progress.

About Glue

Glue was founded in 2019, based on the belief that better collaboration and use of expertise in projects leads to better project results. Years of experience in project management and marketing on both sides of the ‘fence’ has shown Founder Katja Bauer the need for changing the way teams work together on projects.

Katja Bauer: “In guiding projects, I often felt that the many revision rounds and stakeholder alignment meetings lead to compromises that missed the sharpness the team had been aiming for. Our way of working provides space for different skills and creativity to flourish. And at the same time hands the tools for effective team collaboration.”

Our Clients


Let’s collaborate!

Curious to find out if our approach could work for your challenge, project or meeting? Plan a free 30 minute meeting in our agenda. We’ll guarantee a well spent half hour and will provide you with some free collaboration-improving tips and tricks right away.

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